Louisa McElwain, “Pasture Spring,” oil on canvas, 46 x 64 in. © EVOKE Contemporary 2017

Louisa McElwain (1953-2013) not only established herself as one of New Mexico’s most celebrated and influential landscape painters, she amassed a robust network of friends, many of whom feature during a must-see group exhibition. Find out more here!

An eclectic compilation of work by Louisa McElwain (1953-2013) and many of her most respected colleagues is being showcased at EVOKE Contemporary in Santa Fe through April 22.

Ed Mell, “Untitled,” oil on linen on panel, 10 x 15 in. © EVOKE Contemporary 2017
Ed Mell, “Untitled,” oil on linen on panel, 10 x 15 in. © EVOKE Contemporary 2017

According to the gallery, “Louisa McElwain + Friends” highlights a phase in the artist’s career in which she preferred thickly applied paint with bold strokes of the brush. In addition to being a prolific painter, McElwain was an avid collector of her colleagues’ work, which also feature during the exhibition.

“A few of the painterly artists in her collection include Jerry Jordan, Peggi Kroll Roberts, and Hannah Shook,” the gallery writes. “With a mutual passion for nature, it is not a surprise that paintings by Ed Mell are part of Louisa’s estate. The artist also had a fondness for traditional New Mexican folk artists such as Nicholas Herrera, who recently received the Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts. A pastel painting by Wolf Kahn is included in this exhibit, collected by Louisa while studying with the renowned Modern painter.”

“Louisa McElwain + Friends” opened on March 31 and will hang through April 22. To learn more, visit EVOKE Contemporary.

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