Shan Fannin, "1951 Cadillac El Dorado," acrylic

They don’t make ‘em like they used to. That’s certainly the case with a lot of things, especially cars, trucks, and motorcycles from the mid- to late 20th century. Contemporary realist Shannon Fannin loves capturing these delightful designs in her paintings, which feature during a solo exhibition here.

The Link & Pin Art Gallery in Austin, Texas, is proud to be currently showcasing new works by award-winning vehicle painter Shannon (Shan) Fannin. Opened on September 1 and continuing through October 1, “Chrome to Canvas” is a remarkable display of realism through subjects not typically seen in the field.

Shan Fannin, “1937 Rolls Royce Phantom,” acrylic
Shan Fannin, “Volkswagen Samba Bus,” acrylic
Shan Fannin, “Chevy Impala,” acrylic

Indeed, Fannin has established a national reputation for her dynamic and colorful realist acrylic paintings, which offer viewers tightly cropped scenes of chromed-out bumpers of vintage and luxury cars. They are often executed in large scale, and Fannin has mastered the mirror-reflected distortion and warped effects of light seen on the surfaces of highly-polished vehicles. In fact, while her paintings are pure realism, her subjects naturally imbue a strong sense of abstraction as well that keeps audiences continually engaged.

Shan Fannin, “1972 Norton Commando,” acrylic
Shan Fannin, “Texan Airplane,” acrylic
Shan Fannin, “1957 Chrysler Imperial,” acrylic

Curator and Publisher Didi Menendez has suggested that “Shan Fannin’s bright paintings of vintage vehicles ignite our memories when everything was shiny and new and America was still a place for discovery. When we could stretch out our legs and feel time stand still.” Les Kiser, an international motor sports commentator, said, “Shannon’s approach to realism consistently captures the passions of not only her own talent, but also those of automotive designers and in many of the reflections, the admiration of spectators. Never have I seen such depth captured in a painting.”

To learn more, visit Link & Pin Art Gallery.

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