Lifting Fog, Giverny
24 x 24 in., oil on canvas
Available from Broadway Gallery, Alexandria, VA

Christine Lashley’s artwork captures the beauty of a moment held in memory.

Lifting Fog, Giverny was created from what I recall of my visits to northern France and from memories I have growing up in Paris. Our family would take day-trip drives on weekends to little towns outside the city. I remember lots of fog and mist during the changing of seasons. The fog would catch the light and create a special glow,” says Christine.

May 12 through June 13th Lifting Fog, Giverny will appear in a Water’s Edge, solo exhibit of Christine’s work at Broadway Gallery.

Using layers, colors and texture to look ‘real’ from afar but dissolving into abstraction up close, Christine’s paintings are often a fusion of reality and the abstract. She scrapes and repaints a painting to match what she sees in her ‘mind’s eye’ and puts all references away. Christine frequently creates artwork on location ‘en plein air’ and uses these works to inform her larger studio pieces. Her on-site painting allows her to see engaging color harmonies and watch how a subject changes over time, which she sometimes does with multiple studies. As an outdoor enthusiast (gardening, camping and hiking), knowledge of the earth finds its way into her artwork with implied detail and bold brushstrokes.

Christine’s paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Recent juried exhibitions include Oil Painters of America (OPA) and the Salmagundi Club NYC. Many Best of Show honors have been awarded to both her landscape and portrait work. Recent awards include OPA’s 2017 Eastern Regional (Artistic Excellence Award) and Portrait Society of America (Finalist, non-commissioned portrait, 2017 Member’s Show). Christine is also a frequent participant in juried outdoor painting competitions such as: Plein Air Easton, Easels in Frederick, Telluride and Richmond. During the 2016 and 2017 season of plein air competitions she won honors at all events attended, including 2017 Quick Draw First Place at both Richmond Plein Air and Bucks County Plein Air.

As a teenager in Paris, Christine studied at the Parsons Art Institute and the Sorbonne, continuing on to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Washington University in St. Louis. She worked for several years in the fashion industry in Europe, then as a muralist and graphic designer, but turned her interest back to creating fine art soon after her children were born. An art teacher for over 20 years, she teaches workshops locally and internationally. With numerous works in private and corporate collections, her work has also been published in: American Artist Magazine, American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, Elan Magazine, and The Washington Post.

View more work by Christine Lashley at online, see a schedule of upcoming workshops and follow her on Facebook.


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