Got Chicken?
36 x 36 in.
Oil on canvas
Available from the artist

On Thursdays, Todd is usually in Charlotte, North Carolina, painting portraits with friends. Just up the street is a local landmark, Price’s Chicken Coop. It’s a hole in the wall, there’s no seating and it’s take-out-only, but the food is good. You’ll see construction workers, bus drivers, business executives, and attorneys; all standing in line to place their order. Good things tend to bring people together. With all the new construction going on, Todd thought it best to capture a bit of Charlotte history before it’s gone forever.

“Everywhere there is something special that needs to be discovered, captured and shared,” says Todd, who believes creating good art is all about learning to see, developing observation skills, simplifying, editing and directing the viewer’s focus within the canvas. “And yes, technical skills are also a big part of it.”

Todd’s keen sense of design and composition was honed over 40 years as a graphic designer, after graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. In June of 2010, with the responsibilities of raising a family in the rearview mirror, he decided to adjust course to focus on his passion for fine art. He continues his education by attending workshops, studying the works of other artists and painting; lots and lots of painting.

Todd has had numerous shows and awards in the Carolinas. He also teaches drawing and painting workshops, as well as weekly classes. In May of 2019, Todd will be hosting a small group painting trip to Italy.

Gallery representation welcome and may be sent to Todd online or through email.

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