88 x 55 x 8 in.
Bas relief: Molded fabric, acrylic paint
Available through the artist

“At the start of my Sculptural Paintings project with Colorado Ballet, I was inspired by seeing iconic black and white photographs of legendary American choreographer and dancer Martha Graham performing in a long, white, swirling dress,” recounted artist Gina Klawitter. “The flowing shapes made by her dress’ fabric were as mesmerizing as Martha’s movements.”

Solstice began as a reflection of those simple, powerful photographs. Gina first cast the artwork’s bas relief structure with Colorado Ballet dancer Arianna Ciccarelli, who is also an emerging choreographer. After removing and priming the form, Gina washed on, then wiped off transparent black paint from the figure and folds. As she stepped back after hanging the art on her studio wall, Gina was struck by its overall appearance of a figure dancing in a still winter night. Tiny spots of white, untouched by the washed black paint, twinkled through the folds. “It was that moment that the title Solstice came to mind,” says Gina. “The Winter Solstice marks a time of quiet reflection, and also a celebration of daylight growing longer. Solstice conveys a calm, spiritual sense of eternity.”

Solstice is a companion piece to Nightscape, which was also inspired by a black and white Graham male dancer photograph. Nightscape is featured in Fine Art Connoisseur’s “Today’s Masters: Go Figure” essay and was selected for Arvada Center Galleries’ biennial “Art of the State” 2019 exhibit.

Gina Klawitter is a seasoned commissioned artist and former art and creative director now emerging into galleries and exhibits with her innovative Sculptural Paintings. You can see her ongoing, rotating exhibit by appointment at Colorado Ballet’s Armstrong Center for Dance.

View more of Gina’s work and learn about upcoming shows by visiting her website, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.