48 x 60 in
Oil on canvas
Available at Reinert Fine Art

Jill Basham is a plein air and studio landscape painter whose work has been featured in many publications, including PleinAir Magazine. Her work powerfully evokes the atmosphere of the environment she experiences when on location. 

“I am overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. The atmosphere is revealed to me by how the light strikes objects, both natural and manmade. I particularly enjoy the mood of skies and expansive views. Inspiration can arrive anywhere, from a bustling street in Manhattan to an isolated marsh. It’s the “feeling” of the place that inspires me, and I hope to translate.”

When painting a scene, Jill does not have specific rules. She prefers to let a scene and her feelings for it set her approach. Palette knives, brushes, household items and hardware store finds have all been used in moving paint onto and around the canvases.

“I see each painting as an experiment that is unfolding. My initial goal can be interrupted by a new idea during the process, and I’m okay with taking a different path and veering from what might have been comfortable. It’s the safe paintings I find less exciting. The truly moving pieces are the ones produced when I pushed a bit to tell the stories waiting to be told. I strive to get my paintings to a point where I “feel” the place I have painted, and hope others do as well. I find expression comes easiest for me with a paintbrush in hand, much easier than speaking. My hope is that others see and feel the stories I’m telling,” says Jill.

See more of Jill’s paintings available at Reinert Fine Art.

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