Silk and Wool
20 x 40 in
Available at South Street Art Gallery

Lisa Egeli’s paintings bear witness to nature’s strength and vulnerability, calm and power, light and darkness. Each is a successful effort to make us linger our gaze, and thus our connection with, the world around us. She has been described as “a meticulous connoisseur of nature.”

“Fundamental to the whole process is observation,” says Lisa, “through which a subject or scene makes an impact on me. I, in turn, try to convey this to my canvas.” Lisa learned from her father, painter Peter Even Egeli, the importance of developing one’s ability to visualize a painting in the “mind’s eye.”

April 5th through 28th South Street Art Gallery in Easton, Maryland, is presenting a solo exhibition of Lisa’s recent work. The opening reception with the artist is April 5th.

“Viewing a Lisa Egeli painting is like entering a special dream place, taking in the skillfully rendered scene, the exquisite details, the emotional feel of the vista she so expertly conveys. I have seen few landscape painters who capture the essence of a place as masterfully as Lisa does. Hers is a singular vision of nature,” says Alan Brock, South Street Art Gallery owner and principal.

Lisa has traveled and painted on location around the world and has been featured in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine as one of “Today’s Masters.” She is a third-generation artist in a family of artists, described by many as one of America’s largest artistic dynasties. Her formal training was at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Lisa is an active member of many prestigious art clubs and associations. She serves as president and is a fellow member in the American Society of Marine Artists, a Society of Animal Artists Signature Member and a member of both the Salmagundi Club, founded in 1871 in New York City, and the Washington Society of Landscape Painters. Her paintings are exhibited and collected internationally.

South Street Art Gallery is known as a destination for an unending journey of discovering artwork by internationally-recognized gallery artists, such as Lisa, as well as guest artists. Visit the gallery in Easton and online often to see new works in a variety of mediums and an expansive range of scale.

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