Leslie Duke
Anemones and Chickadees
36 x 72
Oil on panel

Leslie Duke has a deep love for color and texture, as well as an enthusiasm for finding the intrinsic beauty in everyday subjects. With each painting she strives to instill a profound sense of mood through use of color and space. Leslie is particularly inspired by the masterful beauty of works by Sargent and Zorn; the evocative color fields of Rothko; and the intriguing compositions of illustrator Lisbeth Zwerger. She is a graduate of BYU and currently resides in Springville, Utah. Her work is on currently on display, along with 100 other artists, at the Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale, AZ through March 29, 2020. Contact us at 480-443-7695 or info@celebrateart.com.

View more of Leslie’s work at www.celebrateart.com/meet-the-artists/leslie-duke.