Sculpture -
"Brother and Sister" by George Anthonisen

The National Sculpture Society (NSS) has invited artists from around the world to participate in an exhibition called “Works In Progress: Sculpture Created in Self-Isolation.” Gwen Pier, Executive Director of the NSS tells us more about it in this Q&A.

Cherie Dawn Haas: How did this project come about?
Gwen Pier: This project was inspired by the international health crisis caused by COVID-19, resulting in us all having to shelter-in-place across the United States and throughout the world. The NSS website provides an online community for sculptors to “gather”, show their work, and see what their colleagues are creating during a time when most of us are otherwise feeling very isolated.

Were you surprised by the number of artists who are participating?
We were delighted by the vast number of entries we received within days after the call the sculptors was sent out. Clearly, sculptors were continuing to work!

Is it still open to more artists? If so, how do they enter their work?
“Works in Progress” is closed to entries, but NSS is quickly planning additional virtual exhibitions to engage sculptors and exhibit more sculpture in the
coming weeks. Stay tuned!

From a Participating Artist:

“Isolation is the environment in which I work and is not new for me,” said George R. Anthonisen (work shown at top). “For over fifty years, I have worked with positive and negative images of the human family ─ from murder to creation.

“I am trying to imagine who we will be as we emerge on the other side of this pandemic. What are our priorities? What choices will we make? How will we be changed by our new environment? How will we change the new environment?

“The future is exciting to think about if viewed positively. New ideas will emerge relating to the human family along with ideas that have existed and will exist forever.”

Learn more about the exhibition of sculptures here. 

Additional sculptures:

Sculpture by Walter Matia
Sculpture by Walter Matia
Sculpture by Georgia McMonigle
Sculpture by Georgia McMonigle
Sculpture by Craig Campbell
Sculpture by Craig Campbell

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