Where the Missouri Breaks
18 x 30 in.
Acrylic on Board
Available through the Artist

Where the Missouri Breaks won the 2020 Buffalo Bill “Spirit of the West Award.” The insightful /profound comment made about the painting by one of the judges is that the image is a well done and brilliant depiction of the coming of change to the natural order of nature in the Western regions of North America by man and his technology.

According to Ezra, “I have imagined and researched many situations of how man first came in contact with the large herds of bison that covered the plains of North America as man moved into the western territories of North America. Where the Missouri Breaks is my depiction of a herd of American Bison crossing a tributary of the Missouri River where it joins the Yellowstone River. This herd of Bison is dominated in numbers by mature Bison cows, attentively guiding their calves into the water crossing as the Yellow Stone steamboat steams upon the event in the background. A Steamboat named “Yellow Stone” was in service for the American Fur Company moving merchandise, people and supplies along the Missouri River in the 1830s. I imagine that this side wheeler steamboat crossed path many times with herds of bison crossing western waterways during the herds migrations from birthing grounds to more favorable feeding grounds along the regions of the Missouri River.”

Ezra’s bold, distinctive style of painting wildlife reflects acute observation and knowledge of his subject and displays an intimate and emotional portrait quality and adept storytelling. Ezra states, “The challenge I have for myself is to present the beauty and majesty of the animal world in dynamic form to help influence the preservation of our planet’s varied species through my art.” Ezra was the Featured Artist at The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in 2017. Ezraʼs art is included in the permanent collections of: The Booth Western Art Museum, The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art, The Rossignol Cultural Centre in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Anheuser- Busch, Inc. and The Texas Rangers Historical Museum. Western Art & Architecture, Southwest Art and Sporting Classics Magazine have published feature articles on Ezra and his art in 2017.

Tucker states, “The focus of my Wildlife Art is to excite and engage people into developing a visceral understanding of the wildlife that inhabit our living planet. The challenge I have for myself is to present the splendor and majesty of the animal world in dynamic form. I am wanting to create an impression of my subjects and not a photo-realistic image. I desire for the viewer to use their intellect and curiosity to imagine and to become aware when they observe my depictions. I hope that my inspired likenesses of wildlife may inspire and connect people to the conservation efforts necessary to protect these essential species that we rely on for our existence. There is an honesty about Wildlife that is a fundamental definition of reality to me. When I am painting, I become a part of this universal truth. This feeling of connectivity and my ability to participate in it is extremely exciting. A sensation I hope to share through my Artwork.”

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Southeastern Wildlife Exposition / February 2021
The Briscoe Western Art Museum / “Night of Artists” / March 26, 2021

Please visit my website: www.ezratucker.com to see images of my art. I can be contacted by email: [email protected] or phone: (719) 487-0648 with any questions, comments or to discuss commissions.