Intrigue by Kathryn Ashcroft
16 x 20 in.
Oil on Belgian linen
Available from Horizon Fine Art, Jackson, Wyoming

A beautiful red fox hunting on a winter evening. It’s winter coat keeping it warm the fox travels many miles during the course of a day in search of food. It is a life and death trek.

This particular fox has seen something high in the branches of a tree, what is it? That is an intriguing question and it is up to the viewer of the painting to decide.


Kathryn Ashcroft was born in a small, Northern Utah farming town in 1961. She was raised on the family dairy farm where animals were fed before people were and a strong work ethic was instilled in her at a young age. Many hours were spent on the back of a horse and riding was her favorite pass time. Her Mother, also an artist, created beautiful paintings in oil and this was a great source of inspiration. Kathryn began drawing animals early and was encouraged and taught by her Mother and by Nature.

Striving to convey the essence of the animal, as opposed to a detailed depiction, she uses a loose, painterly style. The result is a beautiful rendition of what the viewer would see if they were viewing the animal in the wild. Abstract backgrounds bring the focus of the painting to the animal itself.

As a child, Kathryn had ample opportunities to view wildlife in its natural environment. She continues observing and studying animals every day and her paintings are based on personal experiences that she has had. She will not paint an animal unless she has seen it and studied it in the wild. Countless hours are spent outdoors and in nature capturing reference material for her artwork.

The use of light, color, shape and value are important to Kathryn and she is constantly striving to bring all dimensions of her paintings to a higher level.

Her work can be found in collections across the country and internationally. It is her desire that all who view her work will have a greater appreciation for the natural world.

Kathryn is regularly invited to participate in the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, South Carolina and she has had her work accepted into the prestigious Birds In Art international competition in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Gallery Representation
Horizon Fine Art Gallery, Jackson, Wyoming
Summit Gallery, Park City, Utah
Sorrel Sky Gallery, Sante Fe, New Mexico

For more of Kathryn’s work you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook as Kathy Ashcroft.

She can be reached through email and by phone 435-890-0912.

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