Harvey Dinnerstein (b. 1928), "Linda and Alicia, 1992," oil on canvas, 48.25 x 44 in., c Gerald Peters Contemporary

Gerald Peters Contemporary (New York) has recently announced “Harvey Dinnerstein: Underground,” which is on view online and by appointment.

From the gallery:

A national academician and lifelong teacher, Dinnerstein’s devotion to representational art established him as a 20th century master of realism. He came of age in an era that embraced abstraction above all else, but, from the beginning, Dinnerstein operated outside of this arena. His drawing and painting skills are derived from humanist traditions of the past, responding to the complexity of contemporary life.

The eight decades of his work encompass a remarkable range of subjects from figurative genre to epic compositions. This includes intimate images of his family, depictions of hte Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1956, black liberation struggles, and the Vietnam protests of the 1960’s and 1970’s. In addition to these cogent works are a series on the seasons (based on views of Prospect Park, Brooklyn), and a group of life-size figurative portraits and images of urban life.

This exhibition focuses on a selection of subway images conceived in oil and pastel that probe beneath the surface of the subject to a deeper perception: the heartbeat and diversity of the city, underground.

Harvey Dinnerstein, “At the Window,” pastel

Related: To celebrate his Dinnerstein’s contributions to the Art Students League of New York, the League has purchased his pastel “At the Window,” and Dinnerstein donated a self-portrait from 1997, entitled “69th Summer,” both of which has been added to the League’s permanent collection of over 4,000 works of art. “Harvey Dinnerstein Drawings, Pastels, Prints: A Retrospective Exhibition” is a virtual exhibition presented by the League here.

Harvey Dinnerstein, “69th Summer”

For more information about “Harvey Dinnerstein: Underground,” please visit gpgallery.com.


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