Lighting Her Way
48 x 48 in.

The woman depicted in “Lighting Her Way” is enveloped by rings of energy, light, like an aura with the names of important women in our history. The rings overlap at the belly, the center of emotion, of life. Her hands are palms up receiving the energy from these historical women, her gaze is forward and confident.

“Lighting Her Way” is the first in a series of paintings depicting women of different ethnicities lifted and inspired by women who have achieved great things throughout history. I ask each model who poses for me to give me a list of women they have been inspired by so I can include these names in the painting. These lists certainly are not exhaustive so the viewer may come up with additional names of women they are inspired by. Also, there will be names that are not known, inviting the viewer to look them up. Each painting is purposely life size to create a more intimate relationship with the viewer. Women have been and are an important part of our world history and this is what I want these paintings to celebrate.

Palette and Chisel Academy of Art, Chicago
American Academy of Art, Chicago
Northern Illinois University, BSed
William Rainey Harper College

Recent Workshops
Alyssa Monks
Roger Dale Brown
Casey Baugh
Quang Ho
Vincent Desiderio
Bernardo Siciliano
Steven Assael

• NOAPS Best of America 2020
• OPA Salon 2020
• NOAPS Small Works 2020
• OPA Salon 2019
• NOAPS Best of America 2019
• NOAPS Best of America 2018 — 3rd Place Award for “The Gift”
• NOAPS Small Works 2018
• OPA Eastern Regional 2017 — Award of “Excellence” for ‘Model Break’
• NOAPS Best of America 2017 — Award “Best Figurative Work” for ‘Potiphar’s Wife’
• Unlocking The Bible Fundraiser: Painting “The Sower” completed live and auctioned at the event
• American Impressionist Society Small Works 2017
• Portrait Society Award of NOAPS Signature Artist Group Show 2016 — Honorable Mention “Out of the Box” category for ‘Free Bird’
• “Thief on the Cross” one act play by Stephen Baldwin, Painting “Redemption” featured in the performance.
• “Grasshopper” movie, commissioned painting “It’s Over”
• NOAPS Online International 2014 — Award of Excellence
• NOAPS Best of America 2013 — Award of Excellence
• American Impressionist Society 2013
• OPA Salon 2013
• American Impressionist Society 2012
• NOAPS Best of America 2012
• OPA Eastern Regional 2011
• OK Art, Oklahoma — Best of Show Award for ‘Longing’
• 23rd Annual Conservatory Art Classic, Bosque TX
• 22nd Annual Conservatory Art Classic, Bosque TX — 1st Place Gold for “Contemplation”
• Barns & Farms National Juried Competition 2007
• OPA Eastern Regional Miniature 2007
• OPA Eastern Regional, 2005

Professional Memberships
• OPA, Oil Painters of America
• Portrait Society of America
• ARC, Art Renewal Center
• American Impressionist Society
• NOAPS, National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, Signature Status

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