wildlife art turkeys
Painting by Mitch Baird (15 x 30 in.)

American artist Mitch Baird (mitchbaird.com) is a representational landscape painter. In honor of Thanksgiving, we’d like to share his painting of the historic star of the holiday.

Our team at Fine Art Connoisseur wishes you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving this year. Feel free to share what you’re grateful for in the comment section below.

wildlife art turkeys
Painting by Mitch Baird (15 x 30 in.)

Details of the wildlife painting:

Related > In PleinAir Podcast Episode 152, Eric Rhoads interviews Mitch Baird.

Listen as Baird shares the following:
• How he handles painting greens (Hint: the first thing he looks for in a green subject is the color red)
• Choosing between painting for accuracy versus beauty
• Historic artists (other than “the big ones) that have inspired him
• The difference between Art and Fine Art
• And so much more!

“I can’t teach you drawing. It’s a lifetime pursuit…I want to embed in [students] two things: value and color temperature.”

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