Oil painting of a pencil in an old-fashioned sharpener with a cursive writing sample on the wall

Cursive Writing: A Lost Art
By Betsy Kellum
Oil on linen Panel
16 x 20 in.
Available through the artist

Cursive Writing: A Lost Art is a reminder of times gone by when students in the primary grades transitioned from writing in print to cursive writing. Kellum was an elementary school teacher in Virginia and taught cursive writing to her third graders who were eager to learn to write like the ‘grownups.’ Many curriculums do not include the instruction of cursive writing in today’s schools.

This artist works in both oil and pastel, primarily concentrating in still life and animals. Often her still life work depicts a theme or story as it does in this piece. Most works begin as an idea and then require a mission to find all items needed for the setup. Antique stores, Ebay, things from around the house or borrowed from friends are often her source. A large collection of marionettes has provided a series of paintings.

Adding to National and International awards previously earned, the artist recently received the “Best Narrative Award” for Cursive Writing: A Lost Art, from the NOAPS ‘Best of America Small Works Exhibit 2021’ at The Principle Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina. The judges recognized the creativity of the idea and the interesting choice of the subject.

Betsy Kellum’s work is represented by Crossroads Art Center in Richmond, Virginia. Gallery inquiries are welcome.

The artist’s artwork and related information can be viewed here:
Website: www.betsykellum.com
Instagram: betsykellumfineart
Facebook: betsy.kellum