Oil painting of a pheasant hanging on a wall

The Day’s Bounty
24 x 12 in.
Oil on Linen
Available through Berkley Gallery in Warrenton, VA

Beverly Ford Evans: “I love to paint birds, as well as hunting scenes and wildlife. This scene fulfilled two of the genres I enjoy. It is important to me to try to capture the soft delicate feathers and the beautiful color shifts in the more prominent feathers. The male pheasant is a captivating species with his intricate feather markings and bold head colors.”

You will find more of my work on my website: www.beverlyfordevans.com.

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Beverly was raised in Nashville, Tennessee and now resides in Franklin, Tennessee. As a child she was drawn to the beauty that surrounded her. Encouraged by her parents, she began drawing and painting.

Her talent and a strong desire to create, led her to a successful career in interior design. She continued to have a yearning to create beautiful paintings. In 2003 she took her first workshop to help her achieve this goal.

Beverly has become a prolific artist. She has studied with the accomplished artists of The Cumberland Society of Painters, which includes Roger Dale Brown, Dawn Whitelaw, and Paula Frizbe; the Plein Air Painters of the Southeast; Quang Ho and Kenn Backhaus. She also spends time analyzing and studying many of the old masters, to draw from their techniques, which she uses in her work.

With her deliberate brushwork and attention to the scene, Beverly captures the essence of the landscape beautifully and artfully. She loves to pack her paints and travel to other parts of our beautiful country, where she is inspired by the diversity and beauty at every turn in the road.

Coupled with her love of the landscape is her love for animals. Beverly is sought after to paint commissions for loving pet owners, and participates in the South Eastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, SC, the Waterfowl Festival in Easton, MD, and Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville, GA.

Beverly assists her husband, Roger Dale Brown in teaching plein air, still life and studio workshops across the country. Visit www.rogerdalebrown.com for their workshop schedule.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to share the talent born in me. There is a constant drive to continue to learn and study to grow as an artist. I was surprised how vulnerable I felt the first time I had a show, but that was quickly overshadowed by excitement and humility when I saw my work evoke emotional reactions in people.

I sincerely thank God for this incredible blessing; I celebrate the connections that I make with people and I am constantly left standing in awe at the magnificent world around me.”

Oil Painters of America, www.oilpaintersofamerica.com
The Chestnut Group, www.chestnutgroup.org
PAP-SE Plein Air Painters of the Southeast, www.pap-se.com
American Society of Marine Artist, Signature Member, www.americansocietyofmarineartists.com

Beverly McNeil Gallery – Birmingham, AL
Berkley Gallery – Warrenton, VA
Lord Nelson’s Gallery – Gettysburg, PA