Oil painting of red barn
Bill Farnsworth, “Cool Shade,” oil on linen, 16 x 20 in, available through the artist

Bill Farnsworth: Cool Shade was a studio piece that was inspired from my trip to Bucks County PA. I wanted to capture that rich cool green in the shadows contrasted to the warm summer sunlight on the barn. “Out of the Shadows” was inspired from The Myakka State Park where a deer walked right into my photograph. “Take Me Back” is in the eastern hilly part of Tuscany with narrow country roads and atmospheric light.

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Oil painting of deer walking in forest
Bill Farnsworth, “Out of the Shadows,” 30 x 40 in, oil on Linen, available through The Reinert Gallery 843-694-2445
Oil painting of pathway
Bill Farnsworth, “Take Me Back,” 12 x 16 in, oil on linen, available through The Waterhouse Gallery 805-452-1062