oil painting of housekeeper pushing towel cart
Carolyn Lindsey, “Housekeeping,” oil, 11 x 13 in, $875.00, available from AIS Small Works Show, Wilder/Nightingale Gallery Taos, NM

Carolyn Lindsey: “Housekeeping,” a daily chore at a small Arizona motel is a pretext for the use of light and dark to create a rhythm that will catch the eye of the viewer. It certainly caught my eye as I walked down the street. Patterns of light and dark are commonly the basis for my paintings using a variety of subject matter. “Housekeeping” can now be seen in the American Impressionist Society Small Works Exhibit in Toas, NM.

To see more of Carolyn’s work, visit:

AIS Small Works Show, Wilder/Nightingale Gallery Taos, NM http://www.wnightingale.com/events


oil painting of horse walking on farm with barns in the background
Carolyn Lindsey, “Family Farm,” oil, 16 x 24 in., $1500.00, available from OPA National Show, Steamboat Springs Art Museum https://steamboatartmuseum.org/
oil painting of farm landscape filled with green grass
Carolyn Lindsey, “Dilia Farm,” oil, 20 x 22 in., $1500.00, available through the artist