oil painting of desert landscape
Mark White, “On the Road to Chama,” Acrylic Gesso on Canvas, 15 x 30in; Available through Artist/Website

Mark White: My first memory of painting en plein air was when I was eighteen years old. Now, fifty-five years later, I still prefer spontaneous interaction with the constantly evolving world around us. For me, this combines the philosophy and science of existence with artistic expression. I strive to fill my work with real and implied movement and my creation process is serendipitous, following a line of experimentation without clinging to a known hypothesis. Gallery Inquiries Welcome.

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oil painting of desert landscape; divided canvas between landscape and sky
Mark White, “Textures of New Mexico,” Acrylic Gesso on Canvas, 24 x 30in; Available through Artist/Website
oil painting of waves crashing against shore
Mark White, “Morning Waves,” Oil on Canvas, 20 x 40in; Available through Artist/Website