Ryan Brown, artist
Ryan Brown in the Luxembourg Gardens last year with the artists in Paris, painting famous statue that was painted by William Merritt Chase, John Singer Sargent and many others.

Arcadia Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA (opening May 12, 2018), and
Galerie L’Oeil du Prince, Paris, France (opening May 24, 2018)

From a recent announcement:

Paris, the “City of Light,” the capital of fine art, fashion, and cuisine. With museums housing many of the most famous paintings in the world, top fashion houses creating elegant collections, renowned chefs serving up delicacies, authors and poets conjuring up unforgettable tales, it’s no wonder artists flock to this enchanting city.

This beautiful portrait called “Serenity” (16×12 in.) is by Jeremy Lipking, and is available at Arcadia contemporary, Americans in Paris exhibition.

Fifteen well-known American realist painters were inspired by Paris, the city of light, love, fashion, and art. They were influenced by its many museums’ luxurious interiors, historical masterworks, renowned literature, and architecture, and were also inspired by one another on recent travels there. Two collections of their NEW inspired works will be shown in these rare bi-continental exhibitions. Join us in Los Angeles and Paris, and see why the enchanting city of Paris has inspired artists for centuries.

Following in the footsteps of the great American painters before them, this group of artists from various schools and regions of the US, traveled to France last year. There they painted together, studied the masters face to face at the top museums, gleaned how literature can play a role in inspiring great paintings, influenced one another with their colors, styles and subjects, discussed artists from the past, and painted on location, capturing the ethereal light of the city.

Mont St Michel by Ryan Brown, 14 x 18 in., available at the Gallery L’Oeil du Prince in Paris France.

Each artist has created a new set of paintings to exhibit together in Los Angeles and Paris. They took inspiration from the actual works of American artists who spent time there (perhaps a self portrait by Chase), or they were influenced by a French novel, or a poem by Baudelaire. Perhaps they captured enchanting lights of the city, or were inspired by the multitude of blues and grays that changed their palette. Others were perhaps inspired by the world of fashion, the rich interiors with velvet sofas, or the historical architecture that abounds. Each took a part of Paris back with them. We will see first-hand how the experience of Paris played a role in shaping their works of today.

For more information: vanessarothefineart.com

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