River of Stars
24 x 18 in., watercolor

Robert Dalegowski (1948-2018), a Flagstaff, AZ native, grew up roaming the forests and canyons of northern Arizona, developing a deep respect for the solitude of the wilderness. During his lifelong love of the Grand Canyon, he explored and painted some its most remote places, often using whatever water was available to create his magical watercolors.

Dalegowski has been a participating artist in the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art starting in 2011, often spending time at Indian Garden, where he shared his vision and knowledge with hikers who happened upon him painting on the trail. His watercolors with their expressive brushwork and vibrant colors capture the essence and light of the moment and place.

Robert Dalegowski passed away on June 17th after a long and valiant battle with cancer. He will be missed by all that knew him and knew his artwork. His spirit lives on in his art.

River of Stars was inspired by a raft trip through the Canyon that Dalegowski took with a few other artists in the spring of 2017, capturing the brilliance of the Milky Way over the Colorado River. He explained:
“Deep below the rim in the bottom of Grand Canyon the horizon skyglow is obscured by soaring walls, silence broken by the muffled roar of Deer Creek Falls at Colorado River Mile 136.5, as magical starlight reflects from the dark river surface.”

The 10th Annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art will feature the work of 24 painters (including that of Dalegowski) and 2 sculptors. The plein air event will take place at the Grand Canyon September 8-16, 2018 with artists painting at various locations around and in the Canyon. An exhibit and sale of their work will open on September 16 at Kolb Studio on the South Rim, continuing through January 21, 2019.

For more information and a schedule of events please visit:
www.grandcanyon.org/events/celebration-of-art-2018 or contact Kathy Duley [email protected] 480.277.0458