The Great Wave

The art of Agnieszka Nienartowicz explores and highlights the fleeting and capricious nature of culture, within the larger context of the natural world.

“My work explores culture and its relationship with the earth. I see our society and its rules as akin to an old traveling circus, filled with the bizarre and whimsical, the illogical and the distorted. The ruffs, corsets, or hats in which I sometimes dress my models represent the social mores that we consider immutable, but which are often a result of impulses, fashions or negotiations. I want to convey that they will become irrelevant and be replaced, just as the accessories of the past have been discarded. The rules of the earth, however, are finely balanced and are where lie nature and true beauty.

Agnieszka was born in Jelenia Gora, a small town surrounded by mountains in Poland. As a child, she exhibited an insatiable curiosity about life, God and human existence. Her fascination with the mysteries of life continued as she studied painting extensively at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland.

Nienartowicz says of her work, “I see a painting as a conversation in which the opening sentences are created by the artist. The goal of my efforts is to try and create work that suspends disbelief to the point that it slips effortlessly into communication. Beauty has a role to play in that exchange. Not the superficial appearance that we tend to associate with the word, but the accidental and natural beauty of the turn of a head, a fleeting emotion playing across a face, or the grace of an unaffected gesture. Beauty and observing the laws of nature can transport us and yet keep us truly in the moment. It allows us to create an innate comfort zone in which we can discuss ideas and feelings, and how our world will change. I hope that my work takes others on a journey in which they create their own conversation of what is culture and the natural beauty of our earth and the world we all share.”

Agnieszka Nienartowicz’s The Great Wave will be part of RJD Gallery’s exhibition Women Painting Women | Men Painting Men, Voices with Vision opening October 6, and on display through November 4.

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