Kyle Ma oil paintings -
Oil painting by Kyle Ma

The paint was still drying on “Early Spring Blooms” when artist Kyle Ma shared with us his thoughts about his latest work.

Kyle Ma oil paintings -
“Early Spring Blooms” by Kyle Ma

“The vertical composition of this piece was inspired by florals from Chinese ink painting. Often the Chinese ink paintings would also include a poem written along with the artwork. While there is no writing involved in this painting, I did try and describe the roses in the most poetic way I could by paying close attention to the unique characteristics of each petal and each leaf.

“Something that was also important to me was to paint these roses truthfully as how they were found rather than attempting to idealize them. So I chose a design with flowers of different sizes, different stages of bloom, and facing different directions.

“I also included some going off the canvas to suggest this rose garden extending beyond the bounds of this canvas.”

The takeaway: Paintings are more than paint on paper. They offer a chance to communicate meaning. As an artist, you can do this in many ways, such as how Kyle did, painting the roses at different stages of bloom. This would have been a very different painting if all the roses had been young buds. Think about how the choices you make can change the meaning conveyed in your painting.

To learn more about Kyle Ma and his work, check out his video, “Painting Roses,” available here (preview it below).

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