Timeless Scents
10 x 12 in.
Available through the Artist

Hitt was blessed with the opportunity of being an Artist in Residence, staying in Maynard Dixon’s log home built in the 1930’s at the Thunderbird Foundation. The view in this painting was what greeted the artist each morning out the kitchen door. In spite Zion National Park being only a short drive away, the courtyard beckoned with the beauty of every lilac in bloom. These timeless scents sang a chorus insisting to be recorded for history’s sake as their cascading formed a very special entrance of their own! Off in the distance, through the lilacs, was the working Art Studio built for Maynard’s painting practices. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, to stay and paint where such an iconic artist lived and worked. Timeless Scents, the first born in a series of paintings from this experience, came to life.

Painting on location, often plays a duel role, capturing studies for future use in the Artists’ Studio, and often more importantly capturing a piece of history. The main focus that an Artist in Residence provides is the time to capture the history, charm, color notes and stories of this historic location, preserved by the Thunderbird Foundation. Many works have come from the memorable stay, including a painting of Sugar Knoll from the Deck of the Thunderbird Foundation for Illume Gallery; Where In The World Plein Air 2019 Exhibit also currently on display.

Watch for the studio version of this painting, and many other works as they share reflections of a special time at an extraordinary place, Maynard Dixon’s Log Home property as seen through the eyes of Karen Ann Hitt, An Original Hitt. Represented by the Hughes Gallery, pieces of this beautiful season’s reflections will be on display at Hughes Gallery’s starting this fall.

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