Best Day Ever, Kapalua Bay
By Ronaldo Macedo
12 x 16 in.
Oil on canvas
2019 Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational
Montage Kapalua Bay Afternoon Paint-Out

Where the earth meets the ocean, you will find Maui plein air artist, Ronaldo Macedo, creating breathtaking oil paintings on canvas. He connects complex elements to create a feeling of serenity and strength. It is the confidence of life outdoors — surfing, boating and painting award-winning fine art.

Ronaldo says seascapes, boats and mountains were his earliest memories growing up in Rio de Janeiro, where his parents encouraged his artistic talents. When the family moved to California, “I learned there were many careers in art, so I studied illustration in college. Summers I worked as an international river guide in stunning landscapes all over the world — Norway, Chile, Turkey, Costa Rica and the Grand Canyon,” says Macedo. Passions for the outdoors and art bloomed as plein air painting in 1989 when Ronaldo moved to Maui.

Referring to his painting Best Day Ever, Kapalua Bay, Ronaldo states, “This is my favorite spot on the Kapalua Bay. It has all the elements, shapes and angles that I love to paint — vertical palms intersect the horizontal planes, architecture, rocks and Lanaʻi Island in the distance. A beach walk and hedges wind along the left side to a tunnel, and long shadows spill up the beach. I feel like the auto mechanic building his dream automobile who opens his garage to find every essential part and every accessory on his wish list!”

Ronaldo Macedo was a co-founder of the Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational, now in its 15th year. “Our goal was to bridge mainland and Hawaii painters, to raise the caliber of Maui art. It’s pretty amazing to see how we’ve grown and enjoy the close relationships artists have forged with the Maui families who have hosted them through the years. The benefits have gone way beyond the event,” says Ronaldo.

Ronaldo Macedo sells his originals and prints exclusively at Lahaina Galleries in Maui and California. He is a “collectors’ favorite” at the Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational to be held February 15–23, 2020.