Blaze of Glory
27 x 40 in.
Oil on board

The 12th annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art will recognize the achievements of 23 artists who have successfully interpreted the canyon, both in plein air and studio work.

During Plein Air at Grand Canyon from September 12th through September 19th, visitors can watch the artists at work, painting along the South Rim of Grand Canyon. Their work will be exhibited at Kolb Studio at the South Rim starting September 20th, 2020.

Elizabeth Black was awarded the Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine’s Best of Show at the 2019 Celebration of Art. The artist from Boulder Colorado first painted in the Grand Canyon in 1975 while working as a river guide on the Colorado River. Although the boat flipped and soaked all her watercolor sketches, Black says about half of them were immensely improved! That incident gave her a tiny glimpse of the exciting potential ahead. She has continued to explore the West with her husband, photographer Christopher Brown, by boat and on foot, frequently painting on-site. 2020 will be her 11th time participating in CoA.

In addition to the plein air work all the artists submit a studio painting of the Grand Canyon. Of her painting Blaze of Glory Black says:

The first fingers of sunrise slide into the canyon, caressing its walls with rosy hues. Canyon wrens pierce dreams with cascading trills. A soft downstream breeze cools skin and wakes memories of sage and hot sand. Smells of coffee and tamarisk, and always the song of the river, chuckling, rustling, murmuring. It doesn’t last long, this sunrise blaze of glory. But it will come again and again, as long as the river keeps rising and falling, gliding onward to merge with the sea.

On Saturday September 19th from 8:00 to 10:00 am, Black and the CoA artists will be participating in a Quick Draw along the South Rim from Verkamp’s to Kolb Studio, with an auction of their work starting at 11:00 am at Bright Angel Trailhead.

The Celebration of Art exhibit and sale opens at 11:00 am on September 20th, 2020, and will be open daily through January 18th, 2021, at the historic Kolb Studio at the South Rim of Grand Canyon. Admission is free and open to the public.

For more information visit:
or contact Kathy Duley at [email protected] or 480.277.0458 for more information.