Rest and Reflection
24 x 30 in.
Oil on linen panel
Available through the artist

There is a sense of tranquility and focus in this new winter scene by Jean Schwartz. Referencing the places she knows well, she often prefers to work from memory, infusing the landscape with light and color expressive of the mood she wants to set. In this painting the quiet but intense glow of a winter sunset draws the viewer back to the horizon. The Potomac River near her home was the inspiration for this piece, and bodies of water are frequent subjects in her paintings. She loves them for their movement and reflection of light.

“More than ever, painting for me has become an introspective and solitary experience. In the main this is due to Covid, but I find it also suits my nature. I am used to working primarily in the studio during the winter months, but since the outbreak of the pandemic, I have been working in isolation for a longer period of time. Accordingly, I find my work changing.

My compositions have become simpler, my palette more limited, and my focus more on atmosphere. Painting is meditative for me, and I hope to draw the viewer into a quiet contemplation of the scene. I have always admired the Luminists and Tonalists, and these recent paintings have an affinity with those schools.”

Although Jean’s paintings are inspired by the places she loves and knows best, her approach is to ignore the details of the location and make the landscape more universal. The viewer should find a familiarity in the scene and emotionally connect to the color and light.

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