Oil painting of a tree

Dressed in Red
By Matt Sievers
30 x 40 in.

Matthew Sievers was exposed to many different forms of art from a very young age and developed an early passion for artistic expression. Son of the accomplished artist, Gregory Sievers, Matt began studying at his father’s knee. He learned from his father’s experience, passion, creative suggestions and encouragement, which inspired him to develop a truly unique style.

Matt’s recognizable impasto style includes spontaneous brushwork and liberal use of the palette knife, creating playful compositions that celebrate on a colorful canvas. His style reflects light in a particular way, giving him control over light and shadow. This strong and bold application edges his paintings toward three-dimensional sculptural renderings.

Matt has had the opportunity to study the art of different cultures while traveling in many parts of Africa and Europe. He studied art at Brigham Young University and Utah State University where his courses enabled him to experiment with various media and subjects. Despite studying art formally, Matt claims his greatest education has been from his father.

Matt’s work can be seen at the Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale, Arizona, January 16 – March 28, 2021. The Celebration of Fine Art is a unique art experience which gives visitors the opportunity to watch 100 artists in their working under one roof. Open daily from 10 am – 6 pm. Visitors enjoy strolling through the 100 artist studios under the 40,000 square-foot exhibit tent. Artists are on-site creating, allowing for the visitor to watch them at work, discover what inspires them and the techniques used to create the works of art.

Come to Scottsdale to see more of Matt’s works in person, and discover the stories behind each unique work of art. Contact us at 480-443-7695 or [email protected].

View more of his work at: www.celebrateart.com/meet-the-artists/matt-sievers