Watercolor still life painting with silver, lemons and grapes

Still Life with Lemons and Silver
30 x 22 in.
Watercolor on paper, on ACM panel
$6,500, framed
Available through the artist

Matthew Bird creates vibrant still life paintings in watercolor, bringing ordinary object to life with stunning clarity. Still life painting offers the opportunity to explore different textures and colors in great detail; which is beautifully displayed in Still Life with Lemons and Silver.

An analogous color scheme is used to bring these textures to life, creating a rich and vibrant painting. Joining forces, the warm yellow hues and the various greens and blues work harmoniously as they reflect on every silver surface.

Matthew works methodically, incorporating many layers to build up rich darks and popping color. Pure watercolor is a transparent medium — no white paint is used. Areas that are white reveal the original paper surface, carefully preserved during the progression.

In the final step, the watercolor paper is mounted to ACM panel (aluminum composite material) to provide a rigid, archival surface and to flatten the painting, eliminating any warping in the watercolor process. This extensive practice is time consuming, and when done after the painting is completed, requires great care and patience so there is no risk to the painting.

Matthew Bird lives outside Baltimore, Maryland, with his wife and children, where he paints with a deep love and respect for nature and life, enjoying both portrait and still life work.

He is a Signature Member of numerous organizations, including the National Watercolor Society where he served as vice president, and his award-winning watercolor paintings have been exhibited in juried shows across the United States, as well as in Canada, China, England, Greece, Hong Kong, and Italy. His work is in a permanent museum collection as well as numerous private collections.

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