Oil painting of woman reading a book with her dog in a cafe

Café Milan
20 x 24 in.
Oil on canvas
Available through the artist or at www.muglia-art.com

Liliya Muglia: Café Milan is a painting that was created in Italy, Milan, Piazza Duomo, where I visited in 2019. After visiting the Museum Royal Palace of Milan, I stopped by this café to have a cup of coffee and saw this beautiful lady fashionably dressed sitting with her dog and reading a book. I love dogs, and I asked her if I could take a photo. Later, I was looking through my pics and noticed that the scene was compelling and worth painting. I noticed the young man looking at the lady rather shyly but with interest, trying to make a connection, and I found the psychological attention intriguing and decided to paint the scene. A moment in the life of Café Milan.

Café Milan was inspired on my last travel before the pandemic, and this work helps me to remember the normal life and freedom that existed when we were able to move between countries. Currently I reside in Toronto, Canada, and produce work in both my home studio and my commercial studio at the Academy of Realist Art from which I graduated in 2013.

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