Oil painting of the Grand Canyon

A New Day Dawns Bright
By Susie Hyer
48 x 30 in.
Oil on linen

During the 13th annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, 25 plein air artists from around the country will gather at Grand Canyon National Park to face the challenges the canyon presents to those who attempt to capture its beauty, its vastness, and its ever-changing light and weather patterns on canvas. During Plein Air at Grand Canyon from September 11th through September 18th, visitors can watch the artists at work, painting along the park’s South Rim.

This year the event includes Colorado artist Susie Hyer.
Susie Hyer has been drawing and painting since she was a child. “I remember drawing a pair of ceramic flamingos my mother used to keep on her dining room table when I was four years old,” she says. “I knew from that moment I would be an artist when I grew up.”
All of the participating Celebration of Art artists submit a Grand Canyon themed studio painting prior to the event. Of her studio painting for this year’s event, “A New Day Dawns Bright” (48 x 30 in., oil on linen), Hyer says:

“All this is the Canyon in my relative perception. It is blended concoction of poetry, peace, and panic. These are the memories that inform my painting process and product. This studio painting, while based on a photograph I took from the Rim a few years back, cannot help but be a product of a relative perception I have acquired from many experiences here. In short, it is a fantasy. But it’s an honest one.”

Beginning September 19, 2021 through January 17, 2022, the work of this accomplished artist will be exhibited and available for purchase at Kolb Studio on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park or online at: www.grandcanyon.org/events/celebration-of-art/

For more information contact Kathy Duley at [email protected] or 480-277-0458.