Oil painting of a little boy surrounded with his toys

Super Nova
By Carrie Pearce
Oil on panel
24 x 18 in. | 61 x 45.7 cm
Available through RJD Gallery

Treasured objects are the stuff dreams are made of — and in the case of artist Carrie Pearce — the things that become the focal point of her artworks. A seasoned antique hunter, Pearce taps into her imagination as she scours antique shops for vintage pieces that tell a story. The joy of finding an old photo, a toy or a knickknack that holds a narrative, known only to the previous owner, starts Pearce on her way to create her own equally mysterious narrative to be interpreted by the viewer.

“I have been painting for many years, and what I have found is that art is a fiction that tells the truth. A truth that can only be seen by the viewer. I am inspired by objects I find at flea markets and antique stores. The objects could be anything, as everything really does contain its own aura. I believe the objects contain memory and energy from the previous owners. The underpinning of my work is a story. I use figures, wildlife, and objects, in conjunction with improvisation and embellishment, to convey a narrative. The narratives are often based on time, memory, human conditions and death. I aim to create a visual world that has never been seen before. Whether the events are real or imagined, they are meant to entertain the viewer” says Pearce who is an honors graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Pearce’s compelling storytelling through her art is an art in itself. She often includes a poem about each work she creates adding another layer of emotion and mystery to her work. This artwork inspired by vintage, beloved objects become new treasures in their own right through the creativity and artistry of Carrie Pearce.

See Carrie Pearce’s artwork at RJD Gallery, 227 North Main Street, Romeo, MI 49065 or at rjdgallery.com.