Still life oil painting with biblical objects

Seeds of Tradition
Oil on canvas
28 x 37 in.
Available through the artist

Liliya Muglia has created many pieces in the tradition of Ukrainian Canadian heritage of which this piece was created in January 2021 and symbolically represents the celebration of biblical holidays.

This piece depicts what is familiar to her from her childhood and contains many treasures familiar to a Ukrainian household. Seeds of Tradition is in the spirit of Christmas and illustrates the mystery of the biblical teachings reflected in symbolical representations of light and colour in this tenebrist still life.

Imagery contained includes traditional dishes made of wheat which is considered Ukrainian gold because the land is known for abundant crops and farming. During holidays families gather to thank God and pray for sustenance. They also share food and the wisdom of generations and teach of a united world living in peace and prosperity.

This piece speaks to the Miracle of the Christmas holidays and the anticipation of ancestors meeting with current and future generations as depicted by the lights of the candelabra which is about to be lit and represents the connection between children, parents, grandparents and ancestors.

The seeds of wheat represent unity, while the fruits and berries represent abundance and sustenance. The walnuts are wisdom, and the salt is the essence of life. The candleholder illustrates the anticipation of light and the small family Icon on the wall decorated with a traditional Ukrainian towel symbolizes prayer.

This piece is completed in oil on canvas in a tenebrist style.

Liliya’s other works are available through the artist at: You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook

Liliya’s work is currently on display at the Canadian Ukrainian Consulate and KUMF Gallery where she participates in ongoing shows. Liliya is also represented by Gallea Gallery online exhibition where several pieces are currently on display

Liliya resides in Toronto, Canada and works from her studio located at the Academy of Realist Art, Columbus Centre, Studio #3, 908 Lawrence Ave W., Toronto, Ontario, M6A 1C3 C: 416-434-9442.