“Sunset at SeaTac”, Richard Boyer, oil on board, 30 x 30 in., available through Mockingbird Gallery, Bend, OR

Richard Boyer: I like the idea of being challenged in a painting. With so much information to put on the canvas one really has to simplify and get a little abstract in order to get all the information recorded down in the painting session. I have some friends who I paint with in the city and the amount of time one has to paint the light is changing so fast you can actually see the shadows moving across the buildings.

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oil painting of trolley car and tracks in city
“Embarcadero Trolley’s,” Richard Boyer, oil on board, 18 x 18 in., available through Cole Gallery, Edmonds, WA
oil painting of cafe on a corner street
“Morning at Zoetrope Café,” Richard Boyer, oil on board, 12×16 in., private collection