Just As You Imagined
Gouache and oil on canvas
30 x 48 in.

Thane Gorek (b.1973) from Northern Colorado studied Illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1995. Shortly after moving to Colorado, Gorek abandoned illustration in favor of the fine arts, subsequently honing his skills and refining his visual vocabulary. In recent years his main focus has been on hyper-realist still life painting in which everyday objects are often enlarged significantly revealing the sublime in the ordinary. Gorek considers the process of arranging objects for a still life to be a meditative practice. Although he begins with a basic theme or idea, he lets the objects themselves dictate their placement allowing the strange poetry of chance to work its magic. He is also known for his stunningly realistic landscapes, such as this one of a location in Ireland.

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View more of Thane’s work at http://celebrateart.com/meet-the-artists/thane-gorek/.


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