Oil painting of the sun coming out from behind the clouds over floodplain

When Light Drips On Your Lap
24 x 30 in.
Oil on linen
Available through the artist

Philippe Gandiol painted this scene from a study of a sunset on the Yolo Bypass floodplain. This area is a wonderful preserve for wildlife and regulates the Sacramento river. He often writes a poem that goes along with his work. Here is the one for that piece:

When light drips on your lap.

There is that moment
When looking up at the sky seems to reflect your whole life.
A flash so ephemeral and yet loaded with substance,
So thin, wavy.
Still draws you in.
Astonishing as it reaches deep,
And so easy-comfy.
That is the moment when light drips on your lap.

Philippe was born and raised in France and moved to California in his early 20s. He has painted with oils for over 30 years. Philippe likes to paint a variety of subjects including landscapes, cityscapes, still life and figures “en plein air” or in the studio. He works as much as possible from life, believing that only life can really bring the full range of light, color, spirit and mood that he wants in his paintings. He teaches privately out of his studio or in the outdoors. He also offers painting workshops.

Upcoming shows and events:
August 2021 Frank Bette Plein Air Paintout September 2021 Sonoma Plein Air

Gallery Representation
John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
New Masters Gallery, Carmel by the sea, CA Vanessa Roth Fine Art, Laguna Beach, CA

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