oil painting of sunset over pond
Jean Schwartz, “Black Pond Sunset”, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 in., available through the artist

Jean Schwartz: “I live in Virginia where the climate tends to have a lot of moisture. Summers are hot and humid; the vegetation is lush and there is a haziness that softens the contours. Mornings can be misty or hazy and in the evening sunset colors are diffused creating lovely effects especially along the Potomac River. This painting of Black Pond along the river depicts such a sunset. I also enjoy painting the Potomac as it runs between Washington DC and Virginia as in “Key Bridge Nocturne”.

“Key Bridge Nocturne” just received the Judge’s Choice Award at American Painting Fine Art in DC in the new exhibit “The Washington DC Scene’ which is on view until September 24th.

“Softly Rests the Day” is available at the Crystal Moll Gallery in Baltimore in the exhibit “The Color of Light” until July 30th

To see more of Jean’s work, visit:
“The Washington DC Scene” at American Painting Fine Art in DC www.classicamericanpainting.com
“The Color of Light” at the Crystal Moll Gallery in Baltimore www.crystalmoll.com

oil painting of Key Bridge during sunset
Jean Schwartz, “Key Bridge Nocturne”, oil on panel, 32.5 x 32.5 in., $3600, available at American Painting Fine Art
oil painting of soft, hazy sunset sunset
Jean Schwartz, “Softly Rests the Day”, oil on canvas, 20 x 25 in., $2750, available at Crystal Moll Gallery