Featured Artwork: Barb Walker, AIS

Barb Walker: Catching Up was painted from an image I took while sitting on a beach in Maine in 2021, just as COVID restrictions...
acrylic painting of ropes in circle pattern with egg in the middle

Featured Artwork: Peter Swift

Peter Swift: My style is unique because it combines two distinct elements: classical realistic still-life painting and symmetrical design. I have coined the phrase...
oil painting of gumball machine on a counter top with other candy

Featured Artwork: George A. Gonzalez

George A. Gonzalez: This painting has been part of several shows including the upcoming show at Arcadia Contemporary, NY, NY, “Five And Under”, Aug....
oil painting of curved building with sidewalk and people walking

Featured Artwork: Michele Byrne

Michele Byrne: Michele Byrne captures the culture and energy of a city in her impressionistic paintings. Full of life, passion and movement, her figures...

Featured Artwork: Lori Putnam

Lori Putnam: Like a personal invitation, Lori Putnam’s work calls its viewers to enter the setting, walk around a bit, take a seat, and...
oil painting of narrow porch, during the day, with a person in the background looking at the flowering landscape on the right

Featured Artwork: Carolyn Lindsey

Carolyn Lindsey: Carolyn captures the feeling of sunlight in her impressionist painting “South Porch,” which will be exhibited during the American Impressionist Society National...

Featured Artwork: Laura Pollak

Laura E. Pollak: Abstract Realism, combines my love of Graphic Design, with vibrant colors and dramatic lighting. I love pastel for its permanence and vibrancy....

Featured Artwork: David Lussier

David Lussier: David Lussier is an award-winning impressionist and nationally recognized plein air painter and workshop instructor. He is a painter in the purist...

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