Contemporary realism art

Approaching Contemporary Realism as a Storyteller

Culture and legacy, as well as social injustice, spirituality, and family, are among the themes of these portraits and narrative scenes; in them, the artist uses historical references as both reminders of the past and predictions of the future.
Contemporary portrait paintings

Artist to Watch: Portrait Painter Nick Gebhart

At first glance, the portrait paintings of Nick Gebhart advertise the merits of strict adherence to tradition and a skill-based technique. Despite his highly detailed finish and faithful representation, however, the 31-year-old artist does not just replicate what is in front of him.
landscape oil paintings

3 New Paintings by Charlie Hunter

"My goal is to paint beautifully that which is not traditionally considered beautiful." In this spotlight, landscape painter Charlie Hunter shares three of his recent works.
Narrative oil paintings

Bittersweet Paintings of Love and Loss

Although her stylistic and philosophical approaches make it logical to compare her with the Perceptual Painters — a group of contemporary artists who challenge the assumptions of the visual world and who focus on space, volume, color, and shapes — Santiago’s paintings are simultaneously individualistic, with a strong female viewpoint all her own.
Landscape oil painting

How 2020 Inspired These 4 New Oil Paintings

Whether painting energetic scenes of New York City or the quiet spirituality of the Southwest, Michele Byrne has found a way to express what so many of us are feeling in 2020.
Young person looking at the Silent Battle statue

The Eyes of Freedom: A Traveling Memorial

Learn about a memorial that, by honoring a specific group of marines, is bringing healing to all those suffering from the "Silent Battle."
Landscape oil painting with large clouds

A Landscape Painting Spotlight: Big Sky

Congratulations to Robert Niedzwiecki, whose work has been recognized in the PleinAir Salon. Here, Niedzwiecki tells us how his dramatic landscape painting, "Big Sky" came to be.
Oil portrait painting of a woman

One to Watch: Contemporary Artist Kathryn Engberg

To make the portrait painting process as informed as possible, the artist spends significant time getting to know her subjects both personally and structurally, and each portrait takes between 20 and 30 hours to complete.
Guillermo Lorca artist

Narrative Paintings: Guillermo Lorca’s Painted Operas

A curious collection of characters are present Lorca’s painted operas depicting the darker sides of human psychology. Read about his narrative paintings, his time with Odd Nerdrum, his inspiration, and more in this interview.

Artist Spotlight: Dustin Van Wechel

For wildlife artist Dustin Van Wechel, success is two-fold. If he can answer yes to two questions, he feels he has achieved success as an artist.

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