Featured Artwork: Johanne Mangi

Johanne Mangi: Johanne Mangi’s former career in marketing has enhanced her full time art efforts. Her CT Third Floor Studio group is on a...
NM landscape of desert using various techniques to create the texture

Featured Artwork: Mark White

Mark White: My first memory of painting and drawing en plein air was when I was eighteen years old. Now, fifty-five years later, I...
oil painting of sunset over ocean

Featured Artwork: Paula B. Holtzclaw

Paula B. Holtzclaw: "I choose to paint what is beautiful and meaningful, knowing that this act of celebrating and communicating the beauty in this...
oil painting of sunset over water

Featured Artwork: Monique Carr

Monique Carr: Monique is showing a collection of seascapes for her solo exhibit in November, titled “Changing Horizons”, at Dare Gallery, Charleston SC. You...
People in a museum, looking around the artwork

Featured Artwork: Heather Arenas, WAOW Master and AWA Signature member

Heather Arenas: My favorite piece in the Ringling Museum of art is a piece by Carl Marr, 'The Mystery of Life'. I have stood...
girl sitting in a field next to tree, with picnic blanket and a basket full of red apples

Featured Artwork: Carol Arnold

Carol Arnold: This was painted on a gorgeous fall day in Putney, Vermont. My daughter Grace was my model for the day. I didn't...
oil painting of single buffalo in a field during the day

Featured Artwork: Johanne Mangi

Johanne Mangi: Creating fresh and lively portraits is the goal that inspires both Johanne’s passionate work and her teaching. Fortunate to have studied painting...
young girl walking through a field carrying flowers

Featured Artwork: Aida Garrity

Aida Garrity: Aida Garrity is inspired by life and beauty, capturing individual personalities, moods and emotions. In these paintings of children scenes, Aida undertakes...

Featured Artwork: Laura Pollak

Laura E. Pollak: Abstract Realism, combines my love of Graphic Design, with vibrant colors and dramatic lighting. I love pastel for its permanence and vibrancy....
oil painting of narrow porch, during the day, with a person in the background looking at the flowering landscape on the right

Featured Artwork: Carolyn Lindsey

Carolyn Lindsey: Carolyn captures the feeling of sunlight in her impressionist painting “South Porch,” which will be exhibited during the American Impressionist Society National...

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